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The confidence of buying something Brand New makes most any consumer rest at ease. There is a certain confidence that comes with being the first to own something. A buyer considering brand new construction should still be cautious and make sure the builder and any subcontractors did their job correctly. A new house often has numerous companies involved in handling framing, electrical, plumbing, drywall, roofing, and everything else needed to get a house move-in ready.  This means, there are many people involved, and the chances of there being an issue are very probable.

There have been stories of new homeowners noticing an exterior window but no interior window to go with it. The window had drywall put over it and never cut out. Attics and other areas that require insulation may be missed or not adequately insulated. Electrical components are another hot item for error.  There have been numerous reports of dead outlets that never were wired or not correctly attached to the breaker box.

The moral of the story, because a house is new does not imply it is perfect.  Be as cautious if not more when moving into a newly constructed home.  Since no one has lived there prior to you, there has been no one to notice faults and it is up to you, or hopefully, a professional inspector to ensure your house will be problem free for years to come.

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