HOME MAINTENANCE AND SPRING CLEANING Home maintenance along with spring cleaning is something most people strive to do once annually. Usually, the goal is to clean out winter debris and chief a clutter-free and comfortable environment.  According to Medical Science, annual spring cleaning isn’t only good for our homes but also for our mental and […]


There are many choices when it comes to landscaping a yard.  Some prefer regular mulch, as others might like the rubber mulch with landscape fabric under it to keep the weeds from growing.  Many also like the look of rock as the landscape choice.  Does rock landscaping attract bugs? The answer is, No.  Rock landscaping […]

New Home Inspections

The confidence of buying something Brand New makes most any consumer rest at ease. There is a certain confidence that comes with being the first to own something. A buyer considering brand new construction should still be cautious and make sure the builder and any subcontractors did their job correctly. A new house often has […]

Why Changing Your AC Filter is so Important

    Regular maintenance on your AC system increases its efficiency and improves its performance. Replacing the AC filter is the most important step to taking care of your system.  The air conditioning experts at EnergyStar recommend changing the AC filter every three months, minimum.  One of the main benefits to changing your ac filter […]


Drones have become a novelty for many people in today’s influx of technological toys. For home inspections, it has become a useful tool that allows for thorough and safe inspections for hard-to-reach roofs.  We use a commercial grade drone to make sure we can look over your roof and find anything that would cause concern. […]

Inspection Crawler

Freedom Home Inspectors utilizes a state-of-the-art robot to enter, inspect, and photograph houses that have crawl spaces. With not only the inspector’s safety in mind, these robots are also utilized to ensure the most thorough report to buyers.  Because of the hazards, obstacles, and sheer work involved in entering a crawl space, many times this […]

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